Executive & Boards Members Network

Together we support the leadership journeys of Indigenous, Black and Visible Minorities (IBVM) in Canada and beyond.


Indigenous, black and visible minorities (IBVM) encounter unique challenges stemming from the intersection of race and gender. The complexity of this intersectionality calls for additional support and resources. This is why Synergy Executive & Boards Consulting group is committed to:


Celebrate, Champion and contribute to each member’s journey and success

Create deeper connections with the many extraordinary executive women of color and the rest of IBVM community
Creating a platform that provides access to a plethora of executive opportunities, private, crown corporation, public and non profit boards
Be the conduit between organizations seeking executives and board-ready IBVM candidates.
Provide governance training for those seeking public office, appointed posts or elected positions
Provide board skills training and leadership training.
Continue to support the members that get appointed to boards.

Synergy Network Benefits

  • Joining our network is FREE!
  • Receive our newsletter.
  • Invitation to attend events & workshops at full price.
  • Access to all board vacancies.
  • Networking with other members and
  • Other experienced board of directors
  • Access to other resources.
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