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Synergy Executive & Boards Consulting Group provides a wide array of training solutions.


Governance Training

Governance is the system of checks and balances for leaders. Our training is practical, informative, comprehensive, fun and effective for new and seasoned directors. Check out Event Brite for upcoming training.


EDI Training & Facilitation

At Synergy Executive & Boards Consulting Group, we believe adopting an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) lens and approach represents an organizational culture shift. To make this shift, companies, starting with senior management and the board, need to understand their current EDI baseline, define EDI targets, implement organizational changes and develop the governance and reporting frameworks to ensure sustained success. Our expert EDI practitioners have built timely and relevant workshops that can be tailored to your needs.

What is EDI and Why is it Important?

Can you have diversity but not have equity or inclusion? The answer is, yes. In this workshop, we will review what equity, diversity and inclusion mean; what they look like in an organization, and why it’s crucial to have all three.

Decolonizing The Boardroom

This workshop brings awareness to biases, discrimination and other systemic problems that are embedded in the processes of the boardroom. The goal is to have a lens into which a roadmap for change can be implemented.

Board Diversity and Decision-Making

In this workshop, you will learn the key pitfalls that homogenous boards experience when making decisions, understanding the critical elements for board-level decisions and the board diversity framework.

Understanding Your Current Baseline

Conducting an EDI Audit and establishing your current EDI baseline is a key step in identifying the scope of your organization’s EDI efforts. By conducting an EDI Audit, you will ensure that your organization is allocating its resources in an effective way, focused on implementing the most impactful initiatives, and performing alongside or better than its competitors.

You will learn how to conduct an EDI Audit; understanding EDI results and how to define appropriate EDI targets and industry benchmarks

Implementing a Comprehensive EDI Strategy

Now that you have acquired foundational EDI knowledge, commitment from leadership and the relevant data, this workshop will help you identify initiatives, policies and procedures that will create new operational systems that support a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. Measuring the success of these organizational changes will be imperative as your organization grows. You will also learn to roll out organizational change initiatives and monitor and evaluate progress over time.


Executive Coaching

We empower greatness and success through coaching. We help executives or groups move towards their goals through exploring existing practices, challenging mindsets and undertaking practical tasks to develop skills and knowledge. Our in-house executive coaches provide a safe environment designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be personally and professionally. Some areas we cover include:


  • Appreciation at Work
  • High Performance Team Building


  • Resume and Interview Support
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Ultimate Guide to Personal Excellence
  • Confidence Formula
  • Gaining and Maintaining Trust
  • Personal Blind spots

Community Stakeholder Engagement

Community and stakeholder engagement includes strategies to organize individuals for collective action, as well as strategies to make sure that all voices in a community are heard as part of inclusive decision-making. Synergy Executive & Boards Consulting Group believes that engaging the BIPOC population can help build various kinds of social capital as well as influence or inform decisions that affect their lives. We believe that community engagement strategies are critical in achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.  We are the trusted conduit between you and the BIPOC population. Our goal is to provide our clients with choices including:  

  • Using engagement as an end goal thereby ensuring all voices are not only heard but influence the system and equity processes.  
  • Using engagement to achieve contribution to action and inform change directly.  
  • Reaching marginalized communities that you otherwise have no access to. 

    Our Advantages:    
  • We are trusted within the BIPOC communities.  
  • We have existing relationships with community leaders and ambassadors.  
  • We develop and implement EDI frameworks to help you create community-driven and community-centered programs and policies.  
  • We treat community partners as intellectual partners and knowledge keepers,  
  • We believe in an ethical approach that is cognizant of power and privilege regarding how data is used. 

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